Sedation, Marty J Saltzman DDS LLC, Baton Rouge LA, 225.291.3636 Step into 21st Century Dentistry. Our office offers Intravenous Sedation to help patients with their dental needs. Patients who choose Intravenous Sedation report an excellent dental experience and do not remember the procedure.

You are not alone! Many patients are dental phobic and extremely anxious about dental treatment.

With IV Sedation we can sedate you as little or as much as needed.

If you have tried oral sedation (pills) and were not satisfied with the results, we can help you. If you had success with oral sedation (pills) in the past, you will absolutely love IV Sedation. The IV Sedation technique is better and the recovery is quicker than oral sedation techniques.

No Problem Is Too Big

If you have any of the following problems with dental treatment we can help you. Indications for IV Sedation include:

  • Fear & Anxiety
  • Dental Phobia
  • Patient Prefers Sedation
  • Small Mouth
  • Large Tongue
  • Salivator
  • Gag Reflex
  • Dental Surgery
  • Claustrophobia (feeling of being closed-in)
  • Medically compromised (Blood Pressure & Heart Rate are better controlled)
  • Mentally Handicapped & Special Needs
  • Chronic pain patients who cannot sit in one place very long
  • Elderly patients who cannot sit in one place very long
  • Smoker's cough when reclined

What can I expect with Sedation?

An IV will be placed and medication given to sedate you before starting the procedure and keep you sedated until the procedure is completed.

What if I'm afraid of Needles?

If you are needle phobic, Dr. Saltzman will give you a sedative by mouth (pill) to relax you enough to start the IV Sedation. Then he can sedate you further and perform the procedure. No problem is too big.

What if I had problems with Nausea in the past?

If you have had problems in the past with nausea associated with sedation medications please let us know. We can give you medication to prevent nausea and provide you with an excellent experience.

No problem is too big.

What does it Cost?

In order to help the greatest number of patients possible, Dr. Saltzman has established a fee that is less than the average fee in this area. We have one flat-rate fee for IV Sedation regardless how long the procedure takes. You will know exactly what to expect. We have never had a patient regret receiving IV Sedation in our office.

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